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On Causes, Participation and Analogy

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On Causes, Participation and Analogy


Andrzej Maryniarczyk
On Causes, Participation and Analogy
Translated from Polish by Hugh McDonald
Notebooks on metaphysics vol. 6

The world in which we live, surprises us with the richness of its diversity and complexity. The man who by nature seeks to know the surrounding things also wants to understand what it cognizes. One of the stages of ratiocinative cognition is the discovery of causal and analogical type of being of things. Causal connection as relations permeate everything and take place between things. They are not something that is before a thing, but are the result of created things. With the departure of things into existence by the artist or Creator, there also implicates various kinds of causation that is disclosed to the selection of matter, form or purpose for the created things. On the other hand, the world in which we live captivates us with its variety. Each thing is unique, different, irreducible and therefore analogous. Getting to know each item involves reading out these various kinds of causes and discovering analogical structures of the being of things.

Lublin 2017, s. 178
ISBN 978-83-60144-99-2
EAN 9788360144992
format 21x15 cm

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